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Nine Phases of the Moon

More on the Nine Phases of the Moon: Enriching our Understanding
Or as I’m starting to call it– The Many Ways of Lunacy
My friend, AmeyaSpirit, at, offers more wisdom on the nine phases of the moon. She expands the Witch’s Pyramid and keys it to the phases of the moon; and then links the phases of the moon to a concrete planning process. It’s a way to deepen understanding and also a way to acheive your goals, spiritual or otherwise.

This is one of the many Ways of Lunacy!

  • New Moon is To Hope. This is the birth and infancy stage and is a time for the internal formation of your planning. The beginning of lunation.
  • Crescent Moon is To Touch. This is childhood and a time for putting your plan into action, including learning what you need to learn.
  • First Quarter Moon is To Imagine. This is puberty, or crisis in action [you have got to chuckle at that!] and overcoming inertia.
  • Waxing Gibbous is To Know. This is young adulthood, and a time to exand your activities and awareness and for overcoming obstacles.
  • Full Moon is To Will. This is mothering/fathering/caregiving and a time of fulfillment with the promise of more success and more failures.
  • Waning Gibbous/Disseminating Moon is To Share. This is a time of guidance and supervision. Finding strength in social interaction and growing and feeling the need for significance.
  • Third Quarter Moon is To Dare. This is a time of maturing and integrating the past; it is a time of crisis of signifigance. “Did I make a difference.”
  • Waning Crescent/Balsamic Moon is To Believe. This is a time of eldering; the time of harvest and possibilities.
  • Dark Moon is To Keep Silent. This is the end of life and the acknowledgment of the continuing cycle. It is a time of assessment, the look backward and inward.

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