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Librarians, Cheerleaders, Mary Kay…Oh My!

The Association of College and Research Libraries Association conference was held in Baltimore and began on Thursday. It’s a lovely conference center. On Friday, a group of women arrived to hold their conference. They were all dressed in black skirts, black jackets, though some had red jackets, panty hose and black high heels with pointy toes. They all had black tote bags piped in pink. Yes, Mary Kay had arrived. So college librarians rubbed shoulders with perfectly coifed and made up (as in make up, not fictionized) women. Despite the stereotype, college librarians dress runs the gamut from jeans to business suits to Birkenstocks. More colorful than earlier in my career. Be sure to look at the Mary Kay link. It’s come a long way from the pink cadillac, pink suit days, though their corporate offices are pink.
Wait, it gets better!! The next day the cheerleaders arrived. Girls from aged five to fifteen or so, all dressed up in perfectly coifed hair, precisely tied ribbons. The girls were made up in heavy eyeliner, mascara and thick, glittery eyeshadow, shaded to match their cheerleading outfit. And they had a huge star stenciled next to their eye. The star was glittery and the color of their uniform. I was shocked to discover glitter abuse right before my very eyes. I was challenged to expand my limits and open my heart in compassion…..
It was surreal and fun to watch. The girls’ parents were all decked out in Cheerleader All-Stars gear; and were actively and enthusiastically speaking of their teams’ chance at winning. At one point I saw this tall parent with long, thick, wavy black hair wearing jeans and an All-Stars shirt. When the parent turned around, it was a dad with a thick moustache and coupla days worth of beard stubble lighting a cigarette. You could almost hear him rasp out, “I always wanted to cheer and now my daughter has a chance to be a winner!!” I thought it was strange that they were cheering for cheering sake, rather than for the team. It reminded me of one of those cheer movies I didn’t watch all the way through, quoting perkily, “This isn’t a democracy–it’s a cheer-ocracy.”
The hotel was overrun with very active girls and tired conference goers, sensible shoes or not. It was part circus, part Stepford and part just part of the bustle of a diverse world with all kinds of interests.

Imagine Your Life Into Be-ing

Thursday is the start of Womongathering, a wonderful womon’s spirituality retreat. For four days, we gather to learn, to contemplate and to celebrate. It’s where the Rowdy Goddesses hang out to laugh, cry and eat chocolate. This year’s theme is Air and the Maiden goddess.
Air has many associations including intellect, imagination and intuition. Clarity through the mind (intellect), magical thought (imagination) and connected thought (intuition).
I learned a lot about the power of the mind and intuition at Akasha Con in March. One of the speakers, Priscilla Keresey gave two wonderful workshops on creating your life and living out your intentions.
In the first workshop she began by talking about the triplicity of the mind–conscious, subconcious, and unconcious–and how the three areas work together. The conscious mind is the place of rationalization, will-power, short-term memory, analysis, and focus. The subconscious is the home of our valies, beliefs, body functions, and long-term memory. The subconscious records everything that ever happened to us, without the filters of rationalization, focus or analysis. The unconscious our connection to the Source, and where we know the words of the gospel that say, “all this you can do and more.” Imagination!
Manifesting your imagination or desired life is based on the law of attraction, a physical law of the Universe that says, “Like calls to like.” What you put out there will come to you. Your thoughts, beliefs, words and action create vibrations within you. As you vibrate with this energy, similar energy is called to attention and comes to you. Feelings are how we create this vibration and they don’t think with the conscious mind, they are creatures of the subconscious. Once you are happy, then you will get what you want!
We are our own worst enemies. She said for many who want to lose weight and no matter how hard they try, it’s because emotionally they are convinced they are fat. If you tell yourself that you are beautiful and maintain the thoughts and language that reinforce that feeling, then you will get what you want.
Priscilla focused on money as examples. She said that if you are in a bad mood paying your bills, the Universe is unlikely to send you anything good. Always be positive and happy when you pay your bills. And then be grateful.
I touched on this when I talked about luck. Say it and forget it. For instance, if you want the money to go to a class. Say to the Universe, I wish for the money to go the ‘whatever it is.’ Then don’t doubt, let it go and let it be. Act as if it has already happened. Don’t think, “when I lose weight I’ll be beautiful;” think, “I am beatiful.” It will happen.
When it does happen, be grateful.Thank the Universe and the powers you believe in. In short, these are the steps to manifesting your imagination:

  • State your desire in positive, present tense way
  • Act as if it has already happened [don’t worry it like a dog with a bone]
  • Thank the Universe

I found this very life-changing. I realized that even though I know all of that stuff, I don’t KNOW it deep down in my blood and my bones. I make self-depricating remarkes about my thunder things (NO MORE) and I’d tell myself in the mirror that I was ugly and fat (NO MORE). I vowed then that I would no longer lend my power and my energy to negative talk about my body. I have maintained that since then. I lost five pounds in May. Whoo hoo. Thank you Universe.

When I returned, I started doing my daily (or almost) altar devotions in a new way. I’d end it with affirmations about my health and body, and whatever else is necessary. I do my altar devotions in the morning while I’m getting dressed. I use no tools just me, the elements and the Lord and the Lady. Priscilla pointed out that the perfect time to send our affirmations out into the Universe are the times just before we go to sleep and right after we wake up. We are closest to the state of unconscious then and our mind has yet to build up the barriers between each section and the Source. We are in a trance, and its time to step into the Cosmic Dance and wish.

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