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The Bag Hag: The Eternal Search for the Perfect Bag

The Bag Hag: The Eternal Search for the Perfect Bag

I have been searching for the perfect purse. And I have standards, too. It must zipper and a zippered pocket on the inside. It must have a long shoulder strap. It must be large enough to hold essentials which, in my case, includes the ability to haul around a paperback novel. And it’s gotta look good.

I don’t mind if it looks a little funky but I do have to be able to carry it to work and professional meetings and not feel like a dork.
You wouldn’t think it would be that hard, would you. And I’ve even learned to adapt. I’ve moved to smaller purses. I tried short straps and that did NOT work. Note to self: don’t do that again.
I work in a profession of bag ladies too. I got to library and academic conferences and they hand us our materials in a bag. Tote bags, messenger bags, gym bags, back packs (no! not a bag), and little bags. A couple of years ago a newly graduated librarian came back from her first academic conference and said to me in awed, hushed tones, “I even got a bag.”
I told her that over time she would get many bags and that she would become more discerning about the bags. Do they have zippers? Do they have a lot of pockets? Are the logos tasteful? I told her the best bag from a conference was one my sister got. It was green with a long strap, a zipper, and best of all–it was waterproof. This young librarian didn’t exactly roll her eyes, but she did skeedaddle out of my office pretty fast. She got another job in less than a year, not in the library profession.
I guess she bagged the librarian gig [all puns are intended]
Recently I learned another rule. Never take a man, especially an engineer, shopping with you when you are looking for the perfect purse. He actually thinks he can solve the problem. Mouse and I went shopping and I was mourning the purse whose long, lovely strap had broken beyond repair. We were at a department store and all the straps on all the purses were short. They were perfect other than that (yeah, right!)
Mouse decided he could fix it, so we searched all over the store for straps to replace the short ones. Camping supplies–nothing. Hunting supplies…rifle carrier straps were a possibility but not entirely functional. He ended up finding a guitar strap. When I picked up a purse to see if the strap would work, my lip curled in disgust. “It won’t be pretty, will it?” said Mouse.
No it won’t. I bought the purse but not the strap. Thinking I can make a strap out of some fabric. Will I do it. Maybe. Will the purse be perfect? No. After carrying it for a week, it’s okay but I already know it’s not perfect.
I remind myself, it’s the journey not the purse.

Secret (Unfeminist) Vices

pinup witchOne of my secret vices is girly pin-ups from the 1950s and 1960s. The ones that appeared in calendars and other advertising. Not the threatened and tied up women. I especially like the ones by Gil Elvgren

It makes me wonder what kind of feminist I can be? I think they are sweet, innocent, and adorable. The girls seem so unaware that their undewear is either missing or showing. It’s as if they suddenly realize,”Oh a wind came up and blew my skirt up and oh!! I’m not wearing any underwear.”
These pin-up pictures reflect a sweet sexuality based in pleasure, surprise, and discovery. I know all about the objectification of women posited to these pictures and similar materials. Yet, they don’t seem like objects…made only for the sexual pleasure of men. It seems that they are completely focused on themselves and their own pleasure. And it’s not selfish or self-centered. It’s just sort of fun. Maybe it’s best not to over-think it and just enjoy it. Kind of like the pin-up girls themselves.
Does it reveal some secret lesbian and bisexual leanings in me. I don’t know and so what if it did? These girls have a lot of fun and their clothes are great!
May all your surprises delight you!

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