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Secret (Unfeminist) Vices

pinup witchOne of my secret vices is girly pin-ups from the 1950s and 1960s. The ones that appeared in calendars and other advertising. Not the threatened and tied up women. I especially like the ones by Gil Elvgren

It makes me wonder what kind of feminist I can be? I think they are sweet, innocent, and adorable. The girls seem so unaware that their undewear is either missing or showing. It’s as if they suddenly realize,”Oh a wind came up and blew my skirt up and oh!! I’m not wearing any underwear.”
These pin-up pictures reflect a sweet sexuality based in pleasure, surprise, and discovery. I know all about the objectification of women posited to these pictures and similar materials. Yet, they don’t seem like objects…made only for the sexual pleasure of men. It seems that they are completely focused on themselves and their own pleasure. And it’s not selfish or self-centered. It’s just sort of fun. Maybe it’s best not to over-think it and just enjoy it. Kind of like the pin-up girls themselves.
Does it reveal some secret lesbian and bisexual leanings in me. I don’t know and so what if it did? These girls have a lot of fun and their clothes are great!
May all your surprises delight you!

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