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More on Manifesting Your Dreams: It Works

More on Manifesting Your Dreams: It Works!

On Saturday, I got back a self-addressed envelope in the mail from We’Moon. Mouse asked me what it was while I was ripping it open. I mumbled that it was probably a rejection letter since I submitted something. Out fluttered a check. As I read the letter, I was stunned. They had accepted my ‘charge of the goddess Athena’ poem. For the datebook and the wall calendar in 2007. Whoo hooo. Thank you Universe.
Mouse said, “You have a bad attitude. The Goddess is saying to you, ‘I bless you even though you have a bad attitude.’ Get a good attitude and she’ll bless you even more.’

Like I was saying.
And not doing.

Luck from the Lady Tonight!

Luck from the Lady Tonight!!
I’ve always been able to trust my luck. I’ve had some whopping bad luck but mostly I’ve had good luck. And I noticed, too, that I can make good luck happen for me and for friends. I was talking about this to a friend and she said, ‘then it’s not really luck is it?!”
That got me thinking about what is luck? Is it random acts of kindness and hostility by an indifferent Universe? Is luck something that can be cultivated and grown?
I believe it’s the latter. If you look at the big picture–and I mean the hugest picture–then everything, even chaos has a pattern and a purpose. Energy moves with purpose. Luck is another form of energy and if you can figure out how to move with its flow, then you have good luck. If you move against it, then your luck is less than auspicious.
Off on and on for awhile, I’ve had a thought. I don’t have a pentacle for my altar. Maybe I should shop for one or make one. The thoughts were fairly fleeting and I never devoted much thought to it at all except every once in awhile. In April, my coven [the one I’m in] had this absolutely fabulous day where we met for lunch, shopped, and ended up at the house for two rituals; one ritual was the dedication to the coven of two really terrific people and the other a full moon ritual. It was a memorable day. The husband of one of us makes these lovely stone carvings and she brought me an example of the stone so I could see if it was something I wanted to have a heron carved in for the coven I high priestess. The example was a lovely pentacle carved into the stone.
After everyone left, I realized that she had left the pentacle behind, so I emailed her and told her that I’d bring it the next time we had a gathering. She wrote back to say that she left it behind as a gift and thank you. I was so excited to get another wonderful gift from these fabulous people, but also because my random wishes turned lucky!
On another day, I was watching television and saw pictures of my Alma Mater, the University of Maryland [Fear the Turtle] and said to Mouse, “I haven’t been there in more than 25 years. I’d like to go back and see what they’ve done to the place. It’s just that everytime I go home to Maryland, I want to go to the eastern shore to see family and the ocean. A vacation trip to UM is a little lame. Later, at work I was thinking that I need to update my knowledge on copyright since I work with intellectual property all the time. Then I’m reading my email and get a notice of a conference on digital copyright. Guess where? You guessed it, the University of Maryland! How cool is that.
Last month I won two drawings in two different places. I was at a gathering held at a friends’ BnB and the prize was a one-night stand–er, stay–in their deluxe suite. They pulled ticket after ticket and no one had it. I wasn’t even thinking about it, and I won!! We haven’t gone yet, we’re saving it for a very hot summer’s day.
The other time was at the Tarot School’s Readers’ Studio. They instituted a new thing at the end of the session, drawings for donated prizes. And I won a complete set of Llewellyn’s Special Topics in Tarot. Eight books by Mary Greer, Nina Lee Braden and others. Very fabulous.
Now you’re thinking, oh she’s just lucky and I’ll never get that lucky. Yes I am lucky, partly because I stopped giving strength to negative statements like “oh I never win anything. It’s one of the most important lessons I learned at Akasha Con. Something I’ll write on a little later.
So if you think lucky, you will get lucky. And everybody wants that.

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