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Welcome 2022 The Threshold of the New Year

British Library digitised image from page 384 of "Man, embracing his origin, ... civilization, ... mental and moral faculties. ... Illustrated"

Today, this first day of another new year, we are crossing into the third year of a pandemic with all its uncertainties, fears, and concerns. And yet again, perhaps with some caution, we still celebrate and welcome this new opportunity to reinvent ourselves or improve our lives. It’s the first of the month and the first of the year, and I said “Rabbit, rabbit, ” invoking the British custom to ensure good luck.

I’ve always been interested, charmed, bemused, and obsessed with the Celtic idea of “betwixt and between,” that liminal place we can barely touch. These are places we glimpse fleetingly: where the wave meets the shore; where the darkness meets the light; where old meets the new; where the night meets the dawn; and so forth. It’s like seeing the Fair Folk, you see them out of the corner of your eye, a gossamer glimpse, and magical encounter of some magic just within or out of reach. I think that’s why when the calendar changes, when the Wheel of the Year turns, when the Moon moves her phases, we seek special customs and observances to commemorate those times. It’s a new opportunity to become new, to reinvent, and to rest from the hurly burly of everyday life.

This January 1, we welcome the Roman God of doorways and thresholds, Janus. This two faced god can see past, present, and future. He was the god of beginnings, endings, and thresholds. He was often shown holding a scepter and a key. He was in charge of the orderly movements of to and fro, going from here and there, going from one idea to another idea, and going from one pathway to a new one. The key implies that he can unlock doorways and reveal what is hidden behind. Movement and revelation. He was also considered the arbiter of peace and war.

Janus was invoked to preside over crossings, over borders, and new beginnings; and at the beginning of a year, a month, or at the dawn of a new day. He was included in celebrations of harvest, of births, and of weddings. He was honored with new wine, frankincense and with newly ground meal and with salt.

Ten years ago, I wrote a charge of the God Janus. Some ways we can celebrate the crossing of borders.

The Charge of Janus

Hear now the charge of the God, Janus

I, who am the god of beginnings and thresholds,

I, who sees the past, present and future as one,

Do charge and exhort you, my children,

To walk boldly along the edges of life, love, and magick,

To explore the boundaries of your life and beyond.

Be strong and be brave as you dance the boundaries

Of betwixt and between

For it is there you will find the mysteries hidden from you now.

Dance and whirl to the music that sings from your soul

And love every moment of the wonder.

Move across the threshold and greet newness with open arms.

Dare to be yourself and dare to be greater than you are now.

Find the stillpoint of your soul and sing from that place

Of joy, laughter, sorrow, and tears.

Know your dreams and live them.

Tell your stories to all who will listen,

And even to those who will not

For these are the stories of the gods.

As you sing the songs of your life

See your yesterdays as opportunities of wonder.

As you sing the songs of your life

See your tomorrows as times of hope

And as you sing your song of today

Know the joy of living each moment.

For you hold the key

And you are the key

To wonder, hope, joy, magic, and illumination.

Blessed be.

Random Thoughts on Commencements, Initiations, and Regalia

Random Thoughts on Commencements and Initiations and Regalia

This past Saturday was our college’s undergraduate commencement. I alway piss and moan because I have to get into hot regalia and attend the ceremonies and in the end I’m always glad I attend. When I was growing up, graduations were alway important. Education, especially higher education was highly prized and viewed as an honor and a priviledge. Truthfully, I went to one of my graduate commencements so my grandmother could go, rather than from any sense of it being a special occasion for myself. She was cool. She went to a Normal School and taught in a one room school house. She got her BS from the University of Maryland in 1959, my uncle driving her three hours to attend classes in the summers.
So I have this history about graduations and commencements. I always felt they were akin to an initiation where the graduate is standing on the threshold of a new life, participating in a ceremony that links them to the scholars of that college and to the world in general. Most people don’t act and think that way. Nowadays, there’s almost a sporting event atmosphere about them with parents cheering, beach balls being tossed around and so forth. A loss of sacredness.
This year’s graduation was way long. One of the librarians I work with got a major statewide award. Very exciting. People seemed more respectful and well-behaved. Maybe because the University Police are now armed? [ironic and testy comment!]
When you sit in the faculty seats, you are close to the stage and you see a lot of footwear. Sometimes you worry about the young girls who totter around in very high heels. I’m actually glad that flip flops are in fashion. It’s easier on their knees and less of a falling hazard. The young woman who sang the National Anthem and the Alma Mater had her formal flip flops on–they were black. So you have the basic black little dress and the basic black flip flops.
One young man had his robe’s zipper pulled down so it was obvious he wasn’t wearing a shirt and he was wearing only birkenstocks. Most of us imagined [shame on us!] he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I’m just glad he didn’t moon the audience. It could happen.
It’s nice to see the families so excited about their kids’ accomplishments.
On Monday morning as I was going back to work, Mouse saw my gown and hood in the backseat of the car. I don’t wear the mortarboard hat anymore since five years ago when the hat slid off my head and hung down around my neck as I processed through the crowd of moms, dads and grammas. Mouse’s comment was–
“there’s not much difference between being a witch High Priestess and an academic. The clothes are really alike!”
Glad I stopped wearing the damned hat!
We had a wonderful and outrageous wedding in our backyard the week before. I wore a pale blue robe with a textured velvet shawl. The bride wore black and purple. Only in a pagan wedding does the clergy wear white and the bride wear black. All that matters is that everyone was happy.

May you find happiness and comfortable footwear!

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