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More Ways to Look at the Goddess

More Ways to Look at the Goddess: Keying Her Aspects to the Phases of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year
Part III

Last week I talked about the nine phases of the Goddess, keying them to the nine phases of the Moon. I mentioned that it worked for me, but it didn’t work for one of my friends. I suspect that these things are very individual and we each need to find ways to relating to the Goddess that resonate with our own personal truth. Pick a little from here and pick a little from there.

Last year, I was researching a project that I call Tarot by Moonlight and I came across this very cool article in Llewellyn’s 1996 Moon Sign Book And Lunar Planning Guide. In it I found an article by Karin E. Weiss entitled “The Goddess Circle: A Lunar Portrait of Feminine Spirituality (pp 244-255).” In this article, Weiss presents the eight phases of the moon (my view of nine phases is not traditional, eight phases is the traditional view) in three aspects. She also keys these aspects to the pagan Wheel of the Year, giving a model with a lot of symmetry. I like a lot of symmetry!

Within each of the phases, she points out that there are three faces of the feminine. She bases her ideas on astrology combined with [archetypal] psychology. I’ll try to summarize in a way that is coherent. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and I’ll give you my thoughts….

  • New Moon (time between Yule & Imbolc) is Mother-Containment-Nurturance
  • Crescent Moon (time between Imbolc & Ostara) is Maiden-Assertion-Innocence
  • First Quarter Moon (time between Ostara & Beltane) is Wildwoman-Action-Freedom
  • Gibbous Moon (time between Beltane & Litha) is Muse-Expression-Creativity
  • Full Moon (time between Litha & Lammas) is Lover-Fulfillment-Romance
  • Disseminating Moon (time between Lammas & Mabon) is Companion-Synthesis-Mutuality
  • Last Quarter Moon (time between Mabon & Samhain) is Warrior-Reaction-Passion
  • Balsamic Moon (time between Samhain and Yule) is Wise-Woman-Release-Mystery

Within each of those archetypes are more ways of looking at the Goddess, and below you’ll find a summary of Weiss’ concept of these archetypes along with the three manifestations of it.

Mother teaches us about our connections to mother earth while at the same time clarifies our knowledge of our own bodies, its rhythms and cycles. The Mother teaches the elemental power of fertility, pregnancy and birth, as well as the acts of conception, creation, and the sustenance of life. In her we find: Mother Earth, Divine Mother & Child, Grandmother Her holy day is Yule, a time of rebirth and renewal.

Maiden teaches us about emergence and initiation–they mysteries of puberty. She brings together innocence, curiosity, and playfulness as we discover our sexuality. This is the time of “coming out” and asserting our own individual personalities. In her we find: Good Girl, Orphan, Naughty Girl Her holy day is Imbolc a time of initiation and introduction

Wildwoman teaches us about raw, uninhibited power, wild sexual energy and using our passionate and erotic power. She shows us freedom and the unrepressed joy of living fully without artifice or restraint. In her we find: Maenad, Dame Nature, Whore Her Holy day is Ostara, a time of return and rejuvenation

Muse teaches us about giving voice to our own inner vision. She calls us to be true to our imagination and develop as we are called, not as others expect or tell us to. We master our won self-expression without censorship, including our own inner critic. In her we find: The Clown, The Star, The Siren Her holy day is Beltane a time of blossoming and exclaiming the beauty of life.

Lover teaches us about the richness of love, sexuality, and attraction in all its manifestation including lust, erotic, sexual, affection, romance, attachment, and love. She embodies magnetism, beauty, and desire. In her we find: Vamp, Sweetheart, Beauty Queen Her holy day is Litha, a time of high romance

Companion teaches us of relationships, focusing on others along with support, trust, and equality. The support of others’ identities can be a thorny issue of balance and sharing. In her we find: Sister, Mate, Handmaiden Her Holy Day is Lammas, a time of abundance and thanksgiving

Warrior teaches us about strategy, defense and self-authority. She shows us how to protect and to stand up for ourselves and what is right. She establishes boundaries and masters responsibilities. It is a time of passion, creative power, and courage. In her we find: Rebel, Huntress, Heroine Her holy day is Mabon, a time of dedication and liberation

Wise-Woman teaches us about the mysteries of live and of womanhood. She brings to light our erotic power and reveals the power of the Dark within us. She shows us how to transcend our limitations and move into sacred ecstasy. In her we find: Witch/Shaman, Priestess, Mystic Her holy day is Samhain, a time of casting out, letting go and healing

This vision further enriches our ways of looking at the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine and our own inner nature. Many, many facets reflecting the beauty of our own truth.

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One thought on “More Ways to Look at the Goddess

  1. Greetings Gail,I so agree that Maiden, Mother, Crone fails to be descriptive enough for me. Just topping 40 showed me I am all that and a few bags of chips… I will add that your book 13 Rituals of the Dark Moon was the shot of adrenaline my own exploration in to the 9 phases of the moon and how the goddess is reflected in them and how She is then mirrored in throughout our lives, needed. That research is leading me not to simple rituals but life long practices that truly celebrate life and those living it. Thanks for the invitation to share your blog, I look forward to reading more! Joy! Ameya


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