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Rowdy Goddess Training: Girl Scouts of America

Rowdy Goddess Training: Girl Scouts of America
at least that’s the way it was for me


This week is Girl Scout Week, starting on March 12; coinciding with the founder’s birthday Juliette Gordon Lowe. Most people associate Girl Scouts with their cookies, a valid association since they are delicious and a true harbinger of spring. But to me, the Girl Scouts was a training ground for individuality, creativity, and feminism. I said that once to a colleague who is probably ten years younger and she was incredulous. She told me that her Girl Scouting experiences was all about domestic life–cooking and sewing. My experience was different; it was early training in Rowdy Goddesshood!
We moved around a lot when I was a kid, staying an average of two years in one place sometimes much shorter. For a shy girl, it was hard to make and sustain friendships. One of the consistencies in my life was Girl Scouts. Everywhere we lived there was a Girl Scout troop I could join and the basic program was the same, so in a familiar setting I could find new friends and explore interesting things. I went camping in winter and summer, I learned to lead other girls and to organize a project and carry it to fruition, and I learned to embroider and sew as an expressive art as well as something utilitarian. I learned to be myself and to have fun with that.

I suspect it has a lot to do with the region you live and also the outlook of your homelife. My family is filled with strong characters and personalities all aimed at expression! Little old ladies, little old men, family history as well as intergenerational eccentricities are all part of my family. My mother fully supported and applauded the stuff I learned in Girl Scouting; and she was quick to point out what didn’t fit with her own feminist outlook.
I should point out that Girl Scouting is not assciated with the Boy Scouts of America. They are two completely different and separate entities that do not share ideals, money, or philosophy. Girl Scouting celebrates diversity and individuality and does not discriminate. Enough said there.
Knowing who you are and celebrating your own richness is what being rowdy is all about; and in my experience, it is what Girl Scouting is dedicated to doing for each and every girl.
For more information on the Girl Scouts of USA see:

May your day be filled with the blessings of your own individual charm and eccentricity. Go forth and be rowdy!

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