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Neo-Shamanism and Wicca: Can We Be Friends?

A friend of mine has moved to a new area and is tentatively seeking out new friends and new spiritual community. She was telling me that she had met someone who was a Reiki Master and a shamanic practitioner. When my friend mentioned Wicca, the shamanic practitioner had a mild reaction like an indrawn breath. She told my friend that she’d met some Wiccans and they seemed to be of the behavior and mindset, “I hate my religion of birth and so I became Wiccan. Can I tell you how much I hate my religion of birth!”

I drew my breath in too. If I were still a fundamental Christian, I’d be saying, “Bad witness, man, bad witness.” That means as the embodiment of our religion, others witness their understanding of that religion or spiritual path by the things you do or say. Quite a responsibility.

On the other hand, it is a phase that most pagans including Wiccans go through. We have left the religion of our birth and need to process the reasons for it and what that means for us. At some point, though, most of us cross a threshold where we our message for others to witness is “I am Goddess, I am God.” And that speaks volumes about where we are, but not particularly about where we’ve been.

A wise high priestess once told me that in her coven the behavior that we call “Christian bashing,” can go on for a short while, but then if it continues, she goes to the person and says it must stop. All the bashing and complaining serves to do is to demean the new witch, and does not create change. Without change, there is no magic.

Wiccans and pagans can be friends with any religion since tolerance and acceptance are one of the outcomes of our ethics. Sometimes within our own community, our behavior creates misunderstanding. Yes, we can be friends with each other as well as the outer community.

My personal practice for many years has been weaving the threads of seemingly separate practices to create a pattern of wholeness. To me, shamanism and Wicca meld and dance together. We are all walkers between the worlds. We dance, play, grieve, and celebrate our divine aspects in both paths. For me it is the whole cloth. And there’s a great book that demonstrates just how that can be done. I am pleased to announce that my new book The Shamanic Witch is now available from RedWheel/Weiser or from many other booksellers including


Journaling Our Lives and Our Souls

The last ten days of March were incredible. I made several different kind of journeys that I will talk about in many posts. First I went to Akasha Con in Poughkeepsie, NY. I roomed with my sister-friend, Phae, and went to many workshops that rocked my world.

Then I spent a few days with my family in Parsonsburg, MD on the beautiful Delmarva peninsula. And then my sister, also a librarian, and I went to Baltimore for the Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference. It was fun on several levels.

I was really impressed by my sister’s sustained journal activities. She carries it around with her and draws and doodles in it as part of the process. She writes in it daily and during the day. She carries a pack of colored pens to enhance her journal. Even though she’s not a particularly religious or organized religion type spiritual person, this is a practice that enhances her creativity and gives her comfort, solace, and a place for private reflection.

I’ve kept various journals over the year, but never as a practice. One of the lessons in my tradition is to keep a journal for a period of time and I did that in a similar way as described above. It was fun and very comforting on a soul level. For the past four years or so, I’ve been very “religious” in keeping a journal of my shamanic journeys, coven activities, and meditations. But not a journal of my life.

Since we were right in downtown, we walked over to Barnes and Noble in Harborplace and got a journal. The next day at the keynote, I took some notes and doodled in my journal. I pulled out a highlighter [essential purse content] and started decorating. Suddenly, my sister reached over and put out her hand. She wanted to use it too! Sisterly bonding through doodling.

I must say, my sister and I haven’t shared a room since I was in Junior High and she was in elementary school. She’s a much better room-mate nowadays.

I’ve carried this journal with me. I’ve brought out pens, colored pencils, rubber stamps and other cool things to decorate. I picked up a couple of pictures at ACRL and I cut them out and pasted them in. It’s been helpful, fun and full of joy. And some grrrrrrrs. What is up with snow in April!!!

Last summer there was a workshop at Womongathering that taught this very skill. I didn’t take it but Rauncie and some others of the Rowdy Goddesses did and showed me their results. I was impressed. It was very cool and it stuck in my mind. And then I saw someone doing it as a sustainable and do-able practice.

I have to try very hard not to judge my entries harshly. it’s a curious process to be an audience and witness to your own thoughts and life. When you put your thoughts down and then know you are the only person reading it; it’s a very curious feeling. I can’t quite describe it so I will live with it for awhile. Probably like a pool of water, when the ripples still, I will be able to see my reflections more clearly.

May the pool of your life bring reflections of beauty and joy.

More on Manifesting Your Dreams: It Works

More on Manifesting Your Dreams: It Works!

On Saturday, I got back a self-addressed envelope in the mail from We’Moon. Mouse asked me what it was while I was ripping it open. I mumbled that it was probably a rejection letter since I submitted something. Out fluttered a check. As I read the letter, I was stunned. They had accepted my ‘charge of the goddess Athena’ poem. For the datebook and the wall calendar in 2007. Whoo hooo. Thank you Universe.
Mouse said, “You have a bad attitude. The Goddess is saying to you, ‘I bless you even though you have a bad attitude.’ Get a good attitude and she’ll bless you even more.’

Like I was saying.
And not doing.

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