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Reinventing Ourselves the Rowdy Way

I just spend some time reworking the template on this blog. Sometimes, as Mouse complains about me, I point and click faster than my know-how grows. So I had eliminated something by accident that I wanted to reinstate. Took me awhile but I was able to do it.

Then I decided to give the blog a different look. I like the calm blues and grays of this template. To my mind, I just reinvented myself in my blog. And I think we can and do reinvent ourselves as we go evolve through our lives. If you think of who you were as you graduated high school or college and compare yourself to who you are now, you discover that you have had the opportunity to reinvent yourself, and thus create and recreate your life.

A few years ago, one of my colleagues who was really quite accomplished and had several careers across his lifetime, was ranting about how he has remained consistently the same throughout those transitions. Unlike me, he said, who has reinvented herself several times. How did he know. He took my bumper sticker, “Magic Happens,” as a declaration of my ability to change and shift. It happens that he was right. I had taken the opportunity as I moved to a new job in a new town to create the person I wanted to be. I grew into it over the years as he had witnessed. Sometimes it is a way to grow into the kind of person you want to be. If you can envision it, know that you can become it, you can achieve it. Ghandi said, “be the change you want to be in the world.” And this is a variation on the same thing.Be that which you want to be. It hearkens to a magical principle in spell work called “behaving as if.” You cast the spell and then you behave as if it has already happened until it comes into being. You decide what it is you want to be and then you behave as if. And like spell work, you have to seize every opportunity to do the work that achievement requires whether it is to get more training or education or to stand in your power and be the strong woman you envision. Envisioning is the first step in reinvention. Doing the work is the second. Third is recognizing when it happens and thanking the powers that made it happen, including yourself.
We as goddess people, shamanic practitioners, witches, pagans or just plain 21st century people are shape shifters. Perhaps we only become wolves, leopards, dolphins or earthworms in our dreams, meditations, or journeys but we do shift who we are over our lifetime. We have the power to do it if we believe it and step into that power of Be-ing. The rowdy way is to Be what we wish to be. It’s not always easy and it’s not always smooth, but it is always rowdy.
Of course if you have access to online avatar creators you make the process virtual.
Be the Rowdy Goddess you want to be in the world.

Neo-Shamanism and Wicca: Can We Be Friends?

A friend of mine has moved to a new area and is tentatively seeking out new friends and new spiritual community. She was telling me that she had met someone who was a Reiki Master and a shamanic practitioner. When my friend mentioned Wicca, the shamanic practitioner had a mild reaction like an indrawn breath. She told my friend that she’d met some Wiccans and they seemed to be of the behavior and mindset, “I hate my religion of birth and so I became Wiccan. Can I tell you how much I hate my religion of birth!”

I drew my breath in too. If I were still a fundamental Christian, I’d be saying, “Bad witness, man, bad witness.” That means as the embodiment of our religion, others witness their understanding of that religion or spiritual path by the things you do or say. Quite a responsibility.

On the other hand, it is a phase that most pagans including Wiccans go through. We have left the religion of our birth and need to process the reasons for it and what that means for us. At some point, though, most of us cross a threshold where we our message for others to witness is “I am Goddess, I am God.” And that speaks volumes about where we are, but not particularly about where we’ve been.

A wise high priestess once told me that in her coven the behavior that we call “Christian bashing,” can go on for a short while, but then if it continues, she goes to the person and says it must stop. All the bashing and complaining serves to do is to demean the new witch, and does not create change. Without change, there is no magic.

Wiccans and pagans can be friends with any religion since tolerance and acceptance are one of the outcomes of our ethics. Sometimes within our own community, our behavior creates misunderstanding. Yes, we can be friends with each other as well as the outer community.

My personal practice for many years has been weaving the threads of seemingly separate practices to create a pattern of wholeness. To me, shamanism and Wicca meld and dance together. We are all walkers between the worlds. We dance, play, grieve, and celebrate our divine aspects in both paths. For me it is the whole cloth. And there’s a great book that demonstrates just how that can be done. I am pleased to announce that my new book The Shamanic Witch is now available from RedWheel/Weiser or from many other booksellers including


Shedding, Shoveling, and Getting it Backwards

Questions to ask in Meditation and Shamanic Journeywork
It’s a cold Monday, with three more inches of new snow. The shovel I’m using is not a snow shovel and it’s rather short. So getting it to do something it wasn’t designed to do was part of the challenge. So, I’m breaking up the ice and shoveling the snow and I start to think about this season. We really are transitioning to spring, but we only feel it on the deepest levels. It hasn’t reached our conscious mind yet. And we long for it. We are getting ready to leave our underworld journey and move upward into the light. The way may still be blocked and we might have to shovel our way out. So what is it that we need to shovel out of the way in order to find the sunshine and light?
Then I trundle over to the car and climb inside. My coat is all bunched up and the seat protector is askew, so I bounce around and squirm until everything is workable. It is so dorky. When it gets to be this time of year, I really get annoyed at all the gloves, hats, scarves, bulky coats, layers of clothes, socks and boots that go into being warm and safe in the climate. I long to shed it all and go unfettered and free into the warmth. So what is it that I need to shed in order to move freely into our wishes for the springtime?
So then I get to work and sit down at my desk and I still feel all bunched up and uncomfortable. I check my clothing and find that my shirt is on backwards. Jeez. So I go into the bathroom and set it all right again. At least I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. So what do we have backwards or twisted around that needs to be set right?
Can you tell what I’ll be journeying on tonight?
May your clothes always be right side out, too!!! Good journey..

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