The Rowdy Goddess

An Ecstatic Vision of the Goddess, dancing in harmony with the Universe.

Dogs Rule

Last Wednesday, I wrote about dogs, after the Westminster dog show. So in the spirit of “assorted whimsy,” we’re for dogs over here in this corner of the Tarot world, too.

I recall a conversation on a listserv long ago about what questions our pets would ask if they could ask us to read Tarot for them. I think for my two dogs, Congo and Bob, it would be “when are we going to eat,” “will you let me outside,” and “can I go for a ride in the car.” Followed by “can I have a biscuit with that.
Nevertheless, as the dog in the Fool card reminds us, they are our companions, the ones that get us out in the world to walk, play and run. I’ve written a lot about dogs because one of the things they have taught me is to love the moment because “every day is a great day to be a dog.
This picture is from a Majors only deck called “i Cani.” It’s been called an imperfect Tarot. It’s tiny, a curiosity and nt without humor. After what is perfection but the ability to be fully present in our process of Be-coming. Or, as I just said, to experience that every day is a great day to be.


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