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We’re For Dogs

I know that’s a tag line for a pet food company delivered in the meltingly fluid voice of David Duchovny. I couldn’t agree more, though. We’re for other things, too, but we are definitely there for dogs.

My black lab mix Congo had a rough few weeks and I really thought this 14+ year old dog of my heart was on her last journey. She wasn’t on her last legs because she couldn’t stand. She was confused and unable to function. We took her to the vet who said it was likely to be an infection pressing on the nerves in her brain. It took a week for her to come back. Now she’s back. She’s elderly so there are still things going on. But my lovey dovey girl is back. Thank heavens we don’t make that transition yet. Thank you Gods and spirits for answering our prayers and petitions.

I do believe that our dogs are part of our soul groups. One of the reasons I drifted away from Christianity was because I was told (and it was preached) that animals did not have souls and we would not be reunited with them in Heaven (or Hell, for that matter. Lucky them). How can a Creator reject such diversity of species, a wonder of creative spirit. Paganism embraces these beings as soul-full and sacred. Our pets return with us again and again, just as we return.

I’ve spent the last two days watching the Westminster Dog Show along with a special on the history of Westminster which aired on CNBC. I love the dog show. I remember a couple of years ago, I watched the whole six hours. The announcers were carefully scripted about terminology and very informative about all the breeds. The judge of the best in show (I believe it was the woman who is in this year’s picture) chose a female hound. At the very end, she was interviewed and the last word on the show was, “There was just something special about that bitch.” On behalf of rowdy bitches both human and canine, I concur.
This year’s show was fabulous. The breeds are all wonderful and the dogs are just so fabulous. For a lot of them, you can really see their personalities. This year was, again, very special. I really liked the Puli, which looks like a big jumping, trotting mop. I rooted for the Sussex Spaniel.
Stump was forced to retire in 2004 when he got sick and nearly died. He survived and has been thriving as a beloved pet. he came out of retirement at ten years old for one last show. There were shots of him setting up on his hind legs, wagging his tale, and looking like a wise one, the fool.
Throughout the show, they reminded us both on the show and in advertisements that there are many wonderful dogs, both purebred and mutt to be adopted. Adopt through qualified breeders, through shelters and through rescue. Donate money if you can because Dogs rule. They’ve got it goin’ on.
Wag Wag Wag

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