The Rowdy Goddess

An Ecstatic Vision of the Goddess, dancing in harmony with the Universe.

The Stirring of Spring

The Stirring of Spring

It’s the first full day of spring and my sinuses are killing me…I’m sure that’s more information than you need to know. I’m hoping that the throbbing inside the caverns of my head are an echo of the throbbing growing energy of the earth coming alive.
It’s still winter here in rural New York. It hasn’t been a bad winter, but it has seemed very long. We’ve had some unseasonably warm days and now it’s cold, typical of January. Since we got through and survived January, why are we experiencing that weather?
And yet, we feel the stirring of the earth; She is awake, eyes open and arms stretching out. Yawning, She is getting ready to burst into the world with grace and beauty. I can feel it. It’s not just the pain in my head. It’s also the feeling I have, to get moving. To be creative again, and to discover that color and beauty haven’t left my life at all. It’s been here all along and now I see it with a fresh eye and new appreciation. It’s a call and I’m ready to answer!

Hear now the words of the Rowdy Goddess
I who am called Baubo, Lillith, Flora, Aphrodite, Iambe, Jill, Eve, Innana, Ishtar, Medusa, Athena, Ariadne, Mary, and many other names.

I am the laughter of your soul, beginning deep in the belly and coming loudly from your mouth.
I am the song of your life, sung boldly and proud.
I am the dance of your heart and the passion of your body, willing and free.
I am every breath you take and every sound you make.
My voice is heard in a giggle, in a soft laugh, a lovely song,
a guffaw, a keening cry and a bawdy ballad.
I am ecstasy and delight.

Lift your skirts and dance with me for I am the passion that moves you through the world.
Lift your voice and sing with me for I am the excitement of life lived out loud.
Lift your hearts and love with me
for I am the hope that is born everlasting.

Let my worship be in your voice and in your body,
for behold all acts of exuberance and creativity are done in reverence to me.
Let there be enthusiasm and joy, passion and love,
fearlessness and foolishness, exuberance and mirth,
grief and healing, and laughter and bliss.

Swirl and dance, sing out,
I am the Rowdy Goddess.
I am the Rowdy Goddess,
I am the Rowdy Goddess.
Blessed be.

© 2005 Gail Wood


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