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Discovering the Passion of the Rowdy Goddess: Sekhmet

Discovering the Passion of the Rowdy Goddess, Sekhmet

A recent archeaological dig has revealed new statues of the lionness goddess Sekhmet. The article in the Middle East Times gives a very brief overview of the discovery and who Sekhmet was . The tone of the article indicates a little dismay that a destructive goddess of war would also be a healing goddess–even to healing the very wounds that she might well cause. I think this discovery just rocks [pun intended]. You can’t keep a good goddess buried forever!

Sekhmet has been an important goddess in my life, showing up in my meditations and journeys. I first experienced the power of her rampaging spirit during the summer I was writing the Leo chapter of my book Rituals of the Dark Moon. The (younger) man I with whom I was having a stormy and difficult relationship died suddenly and dramatically. This set into motion an enormous amount of changes in my life and I did feel that Sekhmet had rampaged through my life, leaving a lot of destruction. From that rubble of grief, anger, mourning, and relief I was able to rebuild my life and become stronger and more magical. I danced with Sekhmet and the very wounds that she caused she healed through her Mystery and Magic.

Mouse’s father died less than a month into our relationship. We got the news when we were taking a weekend workshop featuring the spiritual-alchemist-singer-drummer Mz Imani. It was in a very intimate setting. As Mouse and I set off to the viewing and family gathering, she hugged me and looked at me quizzically and asked, “Why do I feel Sekhmet so powerfully in you?”

“Oh,” I replied, almost casually, “She’s my death goddess.” It was at that moment that I realized that when I dance with death, Sekhmet is the one who dances with me. I often speak with her voice, love with her ferocity, and grieve with her mystical power. Funerals, comforting those who mourn and talking about loss, She is the one who comes and enters me.

When you walk the path of the Rowdy Goddess, you do not need to fear these strong goddesses with a checkered past. She is THERE with her power and passion to live with you, mourn with you, rampage with you and to celebrate your magic and hers!

Blessings, bright and Dark. May you unearth new strength every day.

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One thought on “Discovering the Passion of the Rowdy Goddess: Sekhmet

  1. Sekhmet,is indeed a healing Goddess, on the emotional scale, Anger, is not the bottom as most little girls were taught in my youth. Fear, Grief, Depression Despair, Powerlessness, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness, Jealousy, all fall lower on the scale than Hatred, Rage,and revenge Healthy ANGER. Sekhment guides us through those darker emotions, through our resistances and into a place of motion. Healing begins with Action, emotions lower on the scale than Anger are all stagnent and trapping. Anger puts us in motion and sets us on the path of healing. Sekhmet is an expert in catharsis. Sekhmet and I are on a journey at the moment, healing the wounds of fear, and insecurity, it is good to feel her familiar presence motivating me forward.


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