The Rowdy Goddess

An Ecstatic Vision of the Goddess, dancing in harmony with the Universe.


This is the path to my needlwork blog.  You’ll be able to see my creations, my thoughts, and in progress notes.  Interesting perhaps, rowdy — of course!black bird

3 thoughts on “RowdyGoddessCrafts

  1. Kerry L. Crampton on said:

    Left to my own devices as a young girl, I was firey, adventurous and wreckless. Lucky to be born with a “decent heart”,my nature is to be kind, sincere and loving. Without guidance I struggled to “fit” in any social circles. After becoming a young Mother of a beautiful girl, my goal was to learn so I could teach her. Always doing for my small family, I eventually became drained of energy & hope. Not having emotional support, but possessing the strength & will to keep getting up &moving forward, I prayed for help-I had nothing left. I beleive I was guided to the world of Wicca. Because it saved my peace of mind and nurtured my Hope back to life. I found your book, “Sisters of the Dark Moon” at a used book store. It helped me find the other side of me. Now, I pursue happiness & peace for my light side and my dark side. It doesn’t bother me as much to be alone in Me like it used to. -Always healing, always seeking. A purpose for my Fire keeps me from burning out of control. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. *Kerry*


    • gailwood on said:

      Thank you Kerry for your very kind words. I’m glad you found the path that brings you peace, hope and balance. I’m overwhelmed and delighted (and thankful) I was able to have a small part of that. Blessings to you, bright and Dark. Gail


  2. I came across a piece by you in a local frame shop that is some sort of print representing the Winter Solstice. A woman is holding a lighted candle and a present under a full moon, in motion to go out into a new day/year full of possibilities. It is so beautiful, I snapped it up right away and am hanging it just inside my bedroom door so I can look at it every time I leave my private world (bedroom) and go out into the larger world! Where can I find more of your artwork for sale?


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